Life in Ukraine

Isaac Moritz. Self-employed copywriter and blogger. Enjoys cooking and exercise. Fond of literature.

I’m an American living in Ukraine, trying to learn more about the world I find myself in.

I first came to this country through the Peace Corps and now make a living writing copy and blogs for local companies. I enjoy cooking and language learning. I live in a quiet city in central Ukraine called Vinnytsia with my wife, Zhanna.

Past Experiences

Medic in US Army National Guard, 2-106 CAV, Kewanee, IL
(2008 – 2014)
Responsibilities: training organization in first aid and combat medical skills, ensuring safety of organization’s members in training exercises.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Community Development Program, Ukraine.
(2016 – 2018)
Responsibilities: acquiring grant funds for host organization, improving organization’s capacity, improving quality of life of people with disabilities, teaching English language.

Freelance copywriter and English teacher, self-employed